A couple of years ago I got my friends together and we each made an old school vision board by cutting up magazines and pasting things we wanted for our lives on poster board.


You remember doing something like this in middle or high school, right?


My beautiful vision board got messed up in a recent move, but I still have a picture of it as my lock screen and have been periodically checking things off over time.


I’m long overdue for another vision board party. I’ve found myself recently inspired to “level-up” in many aspects my life.


To take more risks and go after what I want in my career and work.


To be a more present and purposeful mother.


To nurture and grow my relationships and make time for things that energize me and that I am passionate about.


It is a task as liberating as it is overwhelming.


Having a vision for your life is important when you feel overwhelmed because it offers clarity.


If you are clear on what you are working towards it makes it easy for you to decide where to allocate your time and resources. If something doesn’t fit the vision, or move you towards it, you can easily and unapologetically take it off of your to do list.


When you are tired and having a hard time making yourself do something seeing that vision can motivate and energize you.


I’m going to rally up my girlfriends and get another vision board party scheduled soon and I encourage you to schedule your own vision board party.


A vision board party is a an easy (and cheap) way to get people together to do something fun and meaningful. Here’s my quick and dirty how-to guide for planning and executing your own vision board party.



Before Your Party

Who to invite

I suggest you keep it intimate. Maybe four or five people. It’s important that you make sure the invitees are people who love and respect you and won’t place any limiting judgements on your dreams and goals. These can be your friends, your family – including children if they are old enough – or even people from a group your are affiliated with (i.e. church, community organization, PTO). Make sure they are people you trust your vision with. People who will encourage and support you. Don’t self sabotage by inviting people you know will hate on you and question your ability to accomplish your vision.



What You Need

  • Poster board
  • Scissors
  • Magazines
  • Glue
  • Markers and/or pens
  • Snacks (optional, but I suggest wine ;-))


Most of these things you probably already have and can also ask guests to bring with them. What you need to purchase can be bought pretty cheaply. Try the dollar store first. Encourage your guests to bring photos, quotes, mantra’s, etc. if they feel so inclined to add these things to their boards. And since these parties can be hosted so cheaply I think it’s a nice touch to provide a party favor for your guests. When I did this a couple of years ago I got bedazzled drunken candy apples made for my friends.


How Much Time

You will need at least 1-2 hours. I scheduled my party for 2 hours but we got so engrossed in the process (and we were just chatting and catching up on friend stuff) that we ended up working for 4 hours.


During Your Party

Play Your Host Role

As the host it’s your job to facilitate the activity and make sure that your guests are taken care of. Start by making sure that everyone understands what a vision board is and how to use one. Do some research online, find some examples on pinterest and share tips and examples if need be.


Keep the energy positive and tailor the vibe to your group. If you have your friends together you may want to play lively background music and encourage conversation. Whereas if you have your church folk together you may opt for no music and a prayer to get you started.


Encourage guests to share materials and ask others to look out for specific things they want on their boards as everyone browses. For instance, if you know your friend is dying to travel to Jamaica and you find a gorgeous picture of the island you aren’t going to use offer it up.


If your time frame for the party is strict then make sure to let people know periodically how much time is left (trust me, time flies when you get into it) and have something on hand (i.e. envelopes, plastic bags, or ziplock bags) for guests to put their clippings in if they have to take their boards home to finish. Finally, make sure to invest time and energy into making your own board.



Making Your Board

Browse the magazines available and cut out any images, words, or phrases that represent the vision you have for your ideal life. Really want to travel? Cut out pictures of places you want to visit, an image of a suitcase, and/or the world “travel.”


Cut out anything you might possibly use. I suggest you cut out multiples of things (two different pictures of Jamaica for instance) if you come across them. When you get to the layout stage you can decide which one looks and fits better with your overall board.


After you finish browsing and cutting, layout everything on your board. Try and group your clippings in a way that makes sense to you – say in categories (family, career, etc.) or by importance. Put the most important things in the middle or near the top of your board, as our eyes tend to gravitate towards those first. Or just put things down in a layout you find aesthetically pleasing.


Once you have a layout you love paste everything down.


You can leave some white space on your board to write in quotes, mantras, etc. or to paste in pictures later at home of things that you really want on the board but were unable to find.


Don’t forget to DREAM BIG. Your vision board should reflect your biggest aspirations for your life.


When Everyone’s Done

You and your guests can present your boards to one another. You can each explain as little or as much as you want to the group.



After Your Party

What to Do With Your Board

Once you are done with your board hang it in a central location – your bedroom, family room, office space, etc. Somewhere you will see it (and be inspired by it) often. You can even frame it if you want to.


Take a picture of your board and set it as your home or lock screen on your phone or computer. I found this idea online and my friends and I all thought it was genius. I still have the photo of my vision board from two years ago as the lock screen on my phone. Another idea is to take a picture of your vision board, print it, and glue or paste it in your daily planner or journal. Again, the idea being that you have it somewhere you can refer to it daily.


Track Your Progress

You can check off things as you bring them to fruition. For instance, one thing on my vision board was starting a blog. Check!


Check in on the progress of your guests, too. Periodically ask them what they have checked off and are in the process of completing. Hold them, and yourself (because chances are when you question them they will question you in return), accountable.


Things to Remember

Your vision doesn’t have to be static. Your vision can grow and change as you do.


You can leave blank space on your board so you can add to it over time. You can also rip things off or cover them up if you later decide those images or phrases no longer apply to the ideal life you are working on.


You can keep your vision board to yourself. If you worry about doubts, from yourself or others, creeping in and paralyzing your ability to accomplish your vision then you can keep quiet about your vision.


You obviously don’t have to have a vision board party to make a vision board. You can do it on your own.


Or you can have a vision board party and skip the sharing part. Or you can have the party, share, and leave white space on your board to complete a part of the vision that you want to keep to yourself for the time being. It’s up to you.


There is no right time or place to have a vision board party. Some people may be inspired to do so around the New Year or when the group they are doing it with experience a significant change.


It’s a good activity for family time, an organizational retreat, girl’s night in, etc. It can be done in your living room, or even in the park if the weather is right and your group is willing.


Just do it! And have fun with it.

Host a Vision Board Party to Beat the Overwhelm!
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