As I say in my about page, my goal is to help tired, broke, overwhelmed, and busy moms (like myself!) feel more confident and equipped when it comes to parenting, finances, and work-life-motherhood balance so they can conquer and thrive at motherhood. So I have created some tools and resources in line that goal. These tools are simple, useful, and cheap or free. I will continue to create resources and update this page as I discover things that assist me in my own quest to be better equipped in my parenting, finances, and work-life-motherhood balance. If you have suggestions for something I can create to help you with something particular please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Here you will find information about my self-published ebooks and you can download some cool free resources I have developed for moms like you. My ebooks are all available for purchase on Some of my freebies accompany the ebooks, but all can be used on their own without purchasing access to the ebooks. Enjoy!



Ebooks for Early Learners (birth to pre-K)

One thing I struggle with is “am I helping my toddler learn enough?” She’s made some impressive strides in her development – for instance, she could recognize all her letters at age 1! But since she’s not yet in preschool, which is a post for another time, I feel like it’s on me to be secretly spoon feeding her preschool education mixed in with our fun mommy-daughter time. Since she loves books, like her mama, I often use books and ebooks to help her learn and here is where I will share with you ebooks I have created to help kids in her age range learn concepts like the alphabet, numbers, colors, shapes, sight words, etc.

What Do Little Kids Love to Eat?: An Early Learning Alphabet Rhyming Book (Little Kids Rhyming Series Book 1)

What Do Little Kids Have?: An Early Learning Counting Numbers Rhyming Book (Little Kids Rhyming Series Book 2)

What Do Little Kids Like?: An Early Learning Colors Book (coming Spring 2017)

What Should Little Kids Do?: An Early Learning Responsibility Book (coming Summer 2017)


Ebooks for Parents

Beautiful, Bountiful, Budget Birthday Party: How to Throw a Successful Party for Essentially Free



Printable alphabet food sheets (accompanies What Do Little Kids Like to Eat? ebook)

What do Little Kids Have FREE Printable Flashcards (accompanies What Do Little Kids Have? ebook)

Party planning workbook (accompanies Beautiful, Bountiful, Budget ebook)

Tired, Broke, Busy Mom’s Guide to Giving Back