A few days ago I told you about the websites I rely on when I am overwhelmed by my family budget. In keeping with that theme of breaking financial overwhelm, now I’m going to share with you a few apps I use to score free stuff!


I really love free stuff. I am addicted to finding and acquiring things for free. I get a rush out of discovering a new freebie and telling others how to get it too. To the point where if I see a buy-one-get-one-free sale on something I don’t need in the first place I have to remind myself that buying one just to get one free still means I will spend money.


A side effect of my addiction to free stuff is that sometimes I wind up with free stuff that is just useless to me. It drives my husband nuts on occasion. A while ago I was halfway through registering for a free butterfly farm starter kit before I stopped myself and admitted that I have no intention of raising butterflies and neither does anyone else I know.


So I have found that what I love more than free stuff is USEFUL free stuff. Free stuff that I actually NEED. Here are four phone apps that I have downloaded and check frequently because they often let me get free useful stuff.



Amazon Prime Now

I can’t say enough good things about my Amazon Prime membership. The $99 a year (less if you’re a student or sign up when they are offering a promotion) subscription fee pays for itself with all the free shipping, movies, music, and random promotions. The Prime Now app allows Prime members to get available products shipped free to them within 2 hours, and in some cases you can pay a fee to get orders within an hour. If you are not checking the Prime Now app frequently you should be. Once in while, seemingly randomly, the app offers promotional codes for free stuff. I have gotten promo codes for a free stain remover, a free family-sized bags of chips, free chocolate, free soda, and free baby stuff. Promo codes are usually at the top of the screen right when you open the app, but also look at the entire home screen of the app as sometimes the offers are further down.



I found out last year about a website called houseparty.com that lets you apply to host parties to bring awareness to new brands and products. They also have an app which makes it easy for you to check up on current and forthcoming parties and your applications. If you are chosen to host a house party the company will send you a party pack containing some combination of free products, promo items, decorations, coupons, and sometimes even gift cards for your party. All they usually ask in return is for feedback and pictures from your party of people with the freebies they sent you. I have hosted a few parties including one for a coffee brand that sent me free coffee samples and a great mug and one for a well known soy sauce brand that sent me free t-shirts and coupons for myself and my guests. You have to check the app frequently as new hosting opportunities are always popping up.



CVS is one of my favorite drugstores and they are experts at tracking the purchases of their ExtraCare rewards program members and offering them personalized discounts and coupons on things they buy often. There app often offers coupons that when applied properly equate to free stuff. For instance, last month I had an app coupon for $1 off cookies. The CVS generic brand has full-sized packs of cookies available in a couple of flavors for just $1 everyday at my local CVS so I was able to try the chocolate chip ones for free. The other day I got an app coupon for $2 off paper towels and they had the CVS brand single roll on sale for $1.77. Free paper towels!


T-mobile Tuesdays

If you are a T-mobile customer, like myself, you can get free stuff every week by downloading and checking the T-mobile Tuesday app. This is T-mobile’s way of thanking their loyal customers, and they give away some pretty great freebies! I have scored free T-mobile swag (a hat, socks, and touch screen gloves), movie downloads, a magazine subscription, and Dunkin Donuts coffee. I also once got a $25 credit to Zappos.com and when applied with their free shipping I was able to get a pair of shoes for my son completely free. A few weeks ago I got a $10 credit for Groupon local and applied it to a deal for art supplies at a local craft shop to get $20 worth of totally free art supplies!

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4 Apps I Check Frequently for Useful Free Stuff
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